1. Quality Education

Quality Education
Our curriculums are up-to-date and industry driven. We do not merely equip our students with the core knowledge of their chosen fields; we also give them an edge over their peers by exposing them to practical experience in their respective industries.

2. Programme Variety

Programme Variety
We offer a comprehensive selection of diplomas and degrees with majors in arts, business, engineering, information technology, design, accounting, communication, psychology, and tourism. These programmes are all geared to groom students for top-level positions, ensuring that our graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge to turn their passion into a trade.

3. Professional Lecturers

Professional Lecturers
All our lecturers are selected based upon a set of stringent criteria. Not only must they possess the relevant qualifications, they must also possess in-depth industry experience as well as hands-on exposure to the subject matter they teach.

4. Success Coaching

Success Coaching
We are the only college in Malaysia that offers a success-themed tertiary education. All of our courses include a compulsory 2-year Erican Success Programme, which is designed by renowned Entrepreneur & Educationist, Datuk Eric Chong. Our students do not only master the necessary skills for their chosen fields; they are moulded for great success in life.

5. Star-studded Icons

Star-studded Icons
Every month, our students get to meet a truly outstanding person up close and personal – we call these people ‘Erican Success Icons’. These Success Icons of ours represent some of the most successful people in Asia today; they include corporate leaders, designers, artists, etc. We believe nothing can be more powerful than having our students learn from the best.

6. Leadership Training

Leadership Training
In order to ensure that our students understand and practice solid leadership qualities, they are required to attend a compulsory intensive leadership camp as part of our induction programme. Through intimate sharing, thought-provoking games and challenging outdoor activities, we endeavour to bring out the true leader in each one of our students.

7. Prestigious Location

Prestigious Location
Our campus is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Situated right next to the world-renowned KLCC Twin Towers, we are surrounded by embassies as well as corporate headquarters of multinational companies. Our students will find themselves provided with abundant access to both corporate and international contacts.

8. Well-equipped Campus

Well-equipped Campus
Our city-campus is modern and well-equipped. Our facilities include a library, computer lab, multimedia lab, resource centre, language lab, student lounge, recreation room, photography room, broadcasting room, mass communication lab, material room, gallery, counselling room, international student lounge, learning centre, tourism mock-up room, and many more.

9. Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Our students can apply for all forms of financial assistance including PTPTN, study loans, EPF withdrawals, to name but a few. Full and partial scholarships are also available for students who are academically excellent or who are in need.

10. Award-winning Institution

Award-winning Institution
Erican has received numerous awards and recognitions from both the Malaysian government as well as prestigious award agencies for its continued outstanding contributions to the field of education. These awards and recognitions include the National Mark of Malaysian Brand, the Golden Bull Award and the SME Recognition Award, to name but a few.